ECS 210 Summary of Learning

Attached is Melanie and I's summary of learning! We chose to use a video as our medium because we felt that we could capture what we learned best through both text, skits, and music. Obviously the video does not include every single thing that we learned this semester in ECS210, but it definitely encompasses what … Continue reading ECS 210 Summary of Learning


Dear Cynthia,

Situation: Cynthia "As part of my classes for my three week block I have picked up a Social Studies 30 course. This past week we have been discussing the concept of standard of living and looking at the different standards across Canada . I tried to introduce this concept from the perspective of the First … Continue reading Dear Cynthia,


"We need to be examining our lessons and lenses, their political implications, and possible alternatives.... we need to put front and center the very things we do not want in our teaching, the very things we do not even know are in our teaching.” How has curriculum shaped the teacher you are today? What hidden … Continue reading Roots

What does it mean to be a good student according to common sense?

According to Kumashiro, a "good" student, in common sense terms: listens well, respects authority, produces teacher-curated work, has a "teachable" learning style, and meets the teacher's expectations through "behaving and thinking in certain ways" (p. 21). The types of students that are privileged by this definition of the good student are usually white, middle - … Continue reading What does it mean to be a good student according to common sense?