Exploring EdChats! #ECEchat

Yesterday I participated in my second EdChat! I had little to no experience with EdChats upon starting the #ECEchat yesterday (Tuesday) night. I had observed and participated in a few #Saskedchats and really enjoyed learning from other educators, gaining ideas and perspectives and being challenged to be a better educator while growing my PLN so naturally, I was very excited to be engaging in a different EdChat.

After looking at the comprehensive list of options that Katia had provided, I found a few canada winter timezonesthat worked in my schedule. Prior to choosing though, I had to make sure that I was looking at the correct start times based on my timezone (it’s so cool that these happen around the world!) so I used the following image to make sure that I was tracking the correct times.

I had chosen the following chats to look into:



and #ECEchat

I searched the #pblchat hashtag on Tweetdeck in advance to make sure that the chat was still happening regularly, and I found many tweets using the hashtag- but none with a specific moderator and questions on the assigned night and time that was listed. One down, two to go. Next, I searched #ataassesschat, again on Tweetdeck in advance of the start time, and there weren’t near as many tweets with the hashtag but it was confusing because there were some recent enough that would suggest that the chat was still happening, but there was no engagement since January 9th in chat form or otherwise. Soooo I was trying not to get my hopes up for #ECEchat, and I even looked up another option, #mntedu, just to make sure I wasn’t totally hooped.

Once I searched up #ECEchat I was pleasantly surprised! There was already a tweet by the account that represents the chat counting down until the chat started. This was really nice because it assured me that the chat was starting, and also helped me to know who the moderators were, and gave me a reminder to get on my laptop and pull up Tweetdeck so that I would be ready to participate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.40.40 PM

Personal Screenshot

Next, I retweeted one of the reminders by a moderator – helping to show/warn my followers that I would be participating in an Edchat. The topic was announced as “Tech in ECE: Apps for Young Learners” which I was excited to learn more about! The moderator then tweeted asking everyone to announce themselves, what we do and where we are from. After announcing myself I watched the feed and read the announcements and observed that most of the teachers participating were from the states. I was interested to see what significant differences I would find between Canadian and American education programs and in this chat more specifically pre-K programs.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.46.07 PM

Personal Screenshot

I also really liked how the moderator and chat twitter account mentioned the rules and procedure for the chat. This was helpful for me as I am new to EdChats and it made me feel welcome as they accommodated for people that were new. This made for a very welcoming chat atmosphere and helped me to be even more excited to start.



Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.57.40 PM

Personal Screenshot

This chat helped me to learn a ton about Apps that I would want to use for my classroom, and the moderators even tweeted at me, welcoming me and thanking me for joining. I found it quite easy and seamless to reply and connect with the other people involved, creating side conversations about topics that we could contribute to together. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience and I have already programmed it into my Remind App so that I can participate in #ECEchat the future!

This positive experience also helped me to be optimistic about other EdChats, engaging, connecting, networking, and learning. I can’t wait to try another one! Tweetdeck also made this experience much easier! If you haven’t been using it yourself I highly recommend you start – it works perfectly for EdChats!

Thanks for tuning in!



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