Setting up for Success

I have heard the saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” a few times within different groups of people. I am definitely a planner type of gal, but the kind that likes to plan things because of the excitement of the activity and the guideline that it creates for a beautiful dance of enjoyment and efficiency as one. But I also know some planner obsessed people that operate minute-by-minute without any room for flexibility, living in sheer terror of skipping or replacing anything from their calendar – this definitely isn’t my style haha. I am someone who will 100% stay up into the wee hours of the morning finishing an assignment because my sister was down to visit or because our neighbors needed a cup of sugar and then we put some coffee on. I just believe that people are the most important thing in my life, and I would rather work harder for longer, and be sleepier, as a result of taking the time to be present for someone who needs me or just simply BEING with anyone.

tenor (2).gif

So ALL this to say, for the above reasons, I have decided to create a guideline plan for my learning project to set myself up for consistency and success! This guideline plan will guide me through the range of dates and times that I want to accomplish certain tasks or milestones in my Learning Project journey. To do this, I am going to be using Google Calendar to help me plan and track my Learning Project goals.

I plan to cook/bake a minimum of one dish per week, one on Sunday and potentially another small thing on Tuesday. The reason that I chose Sunday, is because it is a Sabbath day for me (a day set aside for rest and worship *church) and has been so for my family forever. We always ate meals together but especially on Sundays, and it was usually also Sunday meals that we hosted friends and family. This plan all works well with the fact that I don’t have any nailed down commitments on Sundays which gives me time to prep and cook my Menno Meals 🙂 But as I said earlier in my post, if these days change I am just going to pick another day and make it work, because life happens!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.37.51 PM

I am planning to do my research intermittently whenever I have free time using my Iphone to search for resources to aid in my Learning Project. I will also be designating one day a week to build on my knowledge and set of resources more thoroughly.

Using Google Calendar will help me to set reminders for myself and to be able to set specific recipes in advance so that I can do my grocery shopping, making sure that I have all of the ingredients that I need for that recipe. I am also going to set reminders for myself in my Google Calendar to blog my updates that I don’t forget. Google Calendar also allows me to make notes so I can even jot down ideas of the names of people that we could have over to share in that specific meal/food.

M Y     B A S E L I N E

I currently know how to cook and bake within the limits of a recipe for anything complex. I can freestyle a mean sandwich and think-up a simple dessert – but when it comes to cooking from my Mennonite background, my tastebuds have decades of experiences, but to cook it myself I am clueless.

I can follow a recipe really well so I have no problem with doing that. I enjoy cooking and baking in general but I am really excited to become more literate in Mennonite recipes specifically.

Talk soon!

Sarah 🙂


4 thoughts on “Setting up for Success

  1. rebeccaroneysblog says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I can’t wait to see the progression of your learning project! I can’t wait to learn more about the aspects of the culture. It’s such a unique learning project which I’m sure has never been done before! I can’t wait to read more through the semester!



  2. reganluypaert says:

    Sarah, I think to some certain extent us as aspiring teachers have some organization need in their life (look at my color-coded agenda). I also think planning ahead is important especially when planning to invite people over. I too am definitely one who will put the computer away when I have family activities or if my friends just need someone to visit with. So I support this organization and weeks in advance prep and reminders. Good work, this is great and you hit the ball out of the park last Wednesday with your dessert!

    Liked by 1 person

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