Reading Response 3: Its Just Who I am

Response Prompt:

How has the reading and Laura’s talk influenced your future classroom?

Through reading ‘Undoing’ Gender and Disrupting Hegemonic Masculinity: Embracing a Transgender Social Imaginary, by Martino (2012) in congruency with Laura’s presentation in class, I was able to recognize the potential hurt that can caused by assuming dominant gender binaries. From Laura’s talk, I realized as she talked about “not fitting in on either side” that in my future classroom, it is going to be very important to me to make all of my students feel welcome and comfortable rather than just catering to the students who mild into my assumption of what and who they should be.

I think making available other points of view for boys to read that demonstrate using emotion and sensitivity would be a fantastic way to help males to discover their personality through their own lens rather than mine so that their personal development would be less “staging and structuring of affect and desire” (p.130) and more of their own self-representation. I want to create a classroom similar to Martino’s description of an environment outside of the limits of “binary and dualistic regimes” that  promotes “students (to explore) other imaginative possibilities for thinking about masculinity” (p.125).

I think that it is important as educators to see the value that we give, or do not give, each of our students each day when we affirm or reject their actions. After hearing Laura’s story I wish that one of her educators would have been informed enough to be able to aid her in her quest to find herself.


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